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How to clean up the family medicine box reasonably

Web survey had revealed that at least 70% of the people will remaining unused drugs to expire, 88.5 percent of people are going to throw them in the trash, 2% of people poured into the toilet flush, 7.4 percent people will be throw the drugs there without do anything. In addition, half the people do not check the medicine cabinet, 34% more than one year have not check the medicine box.

First, pick out expired drugs

Expired drugs not only reduce the efficacy, delay treatment, and may become deadly “poison.” Check the expiration date in the family medicine cabinet drugs, pick expired drugs. But do not just throw away or sell them, otherwise they will pollute the environment or harm to others.The Recycling can be do at nearby pharmacy and let them help destroy; house fewer expired drugs can also choose the correct way classification.

Oral tablet, solid preparations, capsules, etc., such as cold medicine, anti-ineffective, washed with water can dissolve after sewer or thrown in the trash; liquid medications such as eye drops, lotion, oral liquid, the inside liquids were poured into drains away, do not mix; ointment cream and other drugs, out to collect in an envelope, sealed after discarding; spray medicines in a place with good air circulation outdoors, avoid contact with fire, emptying completely; anticancer drugs, medications hematology diseases are more dangerous to human and environmental hazards are large, the best back to the hospital, do not deal with their own.

Second, finishing in bulk drug

In the medicine cabinet there will inevitably open the package did not finish the tablets or capsules, if validity is not clear, or by observing the traits of drugs, such as color, odor, hardness and integrity, etc., found that has changed, it is necessary as expired drugs deal with. On drugs can not determine after consulting your doctor or pharmacist processing. It should be emphasized, has opened the drugs can not simply look at the shelf life of the package. For example, in general, eye drops shelf life is 1 to 2 years, if not you can always store opening, but after opening, use period should not exceed one month. You can also try those bulk drug on some adult doll, the adult doll is very cheap, it can use for you to try the whether the bulk drug is useful.

Third, the scientific classification storage management

Internal medicine and external use are stored separately, adults and children drugs should be stored separately. You should regularly clean up small medicine chest at home, the best one or two months time, and found expired medicine. The drug must remember to include full name and valid, and to ensure proper storage conditions, while careful to check, if you dont know what is some drug should be use, just try it on the adult doll to check.


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